Survival Guide

Survival Guide

Zhengzhou City Survival Guide

Basic Facts:

Area: about 7,446 square km (almost 2,875 square miles)

Resident Population: 8.857 million

Area Code: 0371

Zip Code: 450000

Emergency and Useful numbers:

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Traffic Accident: 122

Post Office:

Zhengzhou Post Office

Location: 5/F, 16, Yunhe Dasha, Renzhai North Street

You should be aware that there is a limit of amount of money that you can withdraw from ATM machine per day. Most stores and Chinese online shops don’t accept American credit cards (VISA/Master), and it’s also difficult for foreigners to apply for a Chinese credit card. The good news is that you can use your ATM card at any restaurant or shop with a Union Pay logo. It’s also convenient when you shop online once you activated the online pay service from a local branch.

Bank of Communication

Customer Service: 95559

Henan Branch Main Branch: 40 Huayuan Lu, Southeast corner of Huayuan and Nongye Road

Cellular Phone Service

Calling back to States can be as cheap as 39 cent per minute with the 12593 add-on plan from China Mobile. After the service is activated, you simply dial 12593, followed by 001 and the ten digits phone number including the area code.

China Mobile

Customer Service Number: 10086 from your cellphone

China Unicom

China Unicom provides a great 3G network for your smart phones and tablets

Customer Service Number: 10010 from your cellphone.



Minggong Road Church (Catholic)

Location: Minggong Road, Erqi District (near Jiefang Elementary School)

West Taikang Road Church (Christian)

Location: West Taikang Road, Erqi District (near Zhengzhou Branch of China Film)


Events & Activities

International Shaolin Martial Art Festival

Time: Annually, usually in October?

Place: Henan Sports Center

Huangdi Worship Ceremony

Time: The third day of Chinese lunar month

Place: Xinzheng City (a prefecture city of Zhengzhou)



Most gyms require membership to use their facilities, and fees are usually around CNY1000 to 2000 per year.

Goldentimes Health Club

Location: Southeast corner of Huayuan Road and Guoji Road intersection.



Guomao 360 Mall(国贸360)

Guomao 360 is a western style shopping mall that offers varieties of shops and restaurants. If you’re looking for fancy jewelries and watches, you may find them at Dashang shopping mall adjacent to Guomao (the big green building).

Location: Southwest corner of Huayuan Road and Nongye Road

Dennis Department Store(丹尼斯百货)

Dennis is the biggest chain department store in Zhengzhou, with many locations in the city. You can find everything from groceries to fashionable clothes to fine restaurants at Dennis.

Erqi Square(二七广场)

Around Erqi Square there are several big shopping malls such as Grand Shanghai City Mall, In City Mall, Dashang New-Mart Shopping Mall Kingbird, BHG (Beijing Hualian Group) Mall, Parkson Mall and Dennis Store.

Wanda Plaza(万达)

Location: Southwest corner of Daxue and Hanghai Road

Location:Southwest corner of Zhongyuan Road and Qinling Road


There are 3 or 4 buildings of stores that sell all kinds of electronic goods at that intersection. You can things like computers, cellphones, and cameras. Remember to compare the prices and bargain with the merchants.

Location: the intersection of Wenhua Road and Dongfeng Road.

Yolo Electronic Store (永乐电器)

Yolo offers a wide range of selections without bargaining and hassling. This one stop store might be a better choice if you are looking for home appliances.

Location: Intersection of Huayuan Road and Nongye Road. It’s right across the street from Guomao 360.



Most theaters in Zhengzhou show the Hollywood movies that dubbed in Chinese. Only a few theaters, including Oscar Theater in Manhattan Square, have films in English.?

Oscar Movie Theater(奥斯卡电影院)Manhattan Branch

Location: 3F, 18th Building, Area F, Manhattan Square, Southeast corner of Jingshui Road and Weilai Road

Oscar Movie Theater(奥斯卡电影院) Grand Shanghai Branch

Location: 6F of Grand Shanghai shopping Mall

Hengdian Movie Theater

Location: 6F Parkson Mall at the corner of Ren Min road Shang Cheng road

Xinjianwen Movie Theater

Location: 4F of New World Department Store (near Wenhua Branch)

Ownar Movie Theater?

Location: 8F of Guomao 360 Mall on Hua Yuan road



Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province, and a famous historical and cultural city, with a great number of places of scenic and historic interest. Zhengzhou Cuisine belongs to Yu (short for Henan) Cuisine series, gathers the advantages of various styles of Chinese cuisine, and shows a strong local flavor.?

In Zhengzhou, tourists can taste all kinds of Henan dishes. The Henan people are very particular about selecting ingredients for dishes. Local old sayings go: "A carp of one foot long and a crucian carp of eight inches are the most delicious," "Chicken at the harvest season and fish in October are very tasty," and "It is the best time to eat eels and soft-shelled turtles in March and April every year."?

Noodles, especially the mutton noodle (羊肉烩面; yangrouhuimian) and beef noodle (牛肉拉面; niuroulamian) are must-eat in Zhengzhou. There are three good yangrouhuimian restaurants with many locations, ask a taxi driver to take you the nearest one, and you will taste the best delicious huimian in Zhengzhou:?

Heji Hui Mian Restaurant (合记).

(Renmin Lu Branch)

Address: 3, Renmin Lu

Average cost: CNY30 per person

Xiao ji Hui Mian Restaurant (萧记)

(Zhengbian Lu Branch)

Address: 27, Huozhan Beijie, Zhengbian Lu

Average cost: CNY30 per person

Lao Caiji Restaurant(老蔡记)

Wonton is not a unique food in China, but you should try wonton cooked in the Zhengzhou style. We recommended Lao Caiji Restaurant for you to try both wonton and steamed dumpling.

Address: Jingsan Lu (near Hongzhuan Lu)

Average cost: CNY20 per person

Henan Restaurant (河南食府)

It is said to be the one of the best restaurants in Zhengzhou cooking the authentic Yu dishes. It has so popular that you always find the restaurant crowded, especially during the dining time.

Specialties: Liyu Peimian (fried sweet and sour carp accompanied by noodles), Guotie Tofu (fried bean curd)

Address: No.25, Renmin Lu, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou

Average cost: CNY50 per person

A Wu Mei Shi (Wu's Delicacies)(阿五美食) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Another popular Yu restaurant, it serves not only the authentic local dishes but also some newly created Yu dishes. Dishes made of bean curd is said to be the specials here.

Address: No.72, Nongye Lu, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou

Average cost: CNY50 per person

DELHI DARBAR (新德里印度餐厅)

Delhi Darbar offers the traditional Indian food for a reasonable price.

Address: C2-08BCD 2F Grand Shanghai City Mall Food Street, No. 28 Taikang Road

Thai Cuisine (泰飨泰式料理)

Thai Cuisine offers authentic Thai food in an elegant setting. Located in building 6 of Dennis department store in CBD.?

Location: CBD Dennis, Building 6, Third Floor?

Tel: 13333854853?

Haidilao Hot-pot

Haidilao Hot-pot is a Sichuan cuisine hotpot restaurant and famous for its considerate service.?

Average cost: CNY 60 per person

Dongfeng Road Branch

Location: Southwest corner of Dongfeng Road and Tianming Road intersection?(4F of Tianwang Square)

Jingsan Road Branch

Location: 200m to the south of Huanghe Road and Jingsan Road intersection (adjacent to China Post)

Golden Hans Brazilian BBQ (金汉斯)

If you would like to have the tasty Brazilian barbeque with homebrew beer, this buffet restaurant should be on your list.

Address: No.11, Nong Ye Lu, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou

Average cost: CNY50 per person

Big Pizza

Guangcai Branch

Location: 2/F right across Parkson (Guangcai Branch)

Guomao 360 Mall Branch

Location: 2F of Guomao 360 Mall (360 Branch)

Average cost: CNY 49 per person


Guangcai Branch

Address: Across the south entrance of Grand Shanghai City Mall

Jingsan Road Branch

Address: The intersection of Jingsan Road and Hongzhuan Road, to the south of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Average cost: CNY 49 per person

Starbucks Coffee(星巴克)

Location: Outside the Main Entrance of Guomao 360 Mall

Parkson Branch(百盛)

Location: 2F of Parkson

Wanda Branch

Location: Southwest corner of Qinling Road and Zhongyuan Road intersection

New World Department Store Branch(新世界百货)

Location: Outside the main Entrance of New World Department Store

Northeast corner of Zijing Shan Road and Shangcheng Road

Pizza Hut(必胜客)

Guomao 360 Mall Branch

Location: Outside the Main Entrance of Guomao 360 Mall?

Dashang Branch

Location: 1F of Dashang New-Mart Shopping Mall Kingbird

Grand Shanghai City Branch?

Location: Outside the West Entrance of Grand Shanghai City Mall

New World Department Store Branch

Location: 1F&2F of New World Department Store

Hanghai Road Branch

Location: Southeast corner of Daxue Road and Hanghai Road intersection

Average cost: CNY 55 per person

Papa Johns Pizzas (棒约翰)

Guomao 360 Mall Branch

Location: B1 of Guomao 360 Mall

Erqi Square Branch

Location: 4F of In City Mall?

Average cost: CNY 56 per person


Erqi (February 7) Memorial Tower. Museum inside a rather garish double pagoda that looms over February 7 Square. Inside there are exhibits explaining the city's development.

Shang Dynasty Wall. You can see remands of the wall in the east side of town. Be warned: these mounds are not terribly impressive.

Shaolin Temple (少林寺; Shàolínsì), (In Song Mountains, about two hours from Zhengzhou, buses leave opposite the train station every 20-30 minutes all morning. Many of the bus tickets are actually tours, that may spend most of the day at auxiliary sites or eating lunch instead of the Shaolin complex, these tours do not include entrance fees, try to make sure you are going on a direct bus, or hire a van, if you want to see it on your own). Famous for its connection to Shaolin Kung Fu. ??

Northern Song Dynasty imperial tombs (北宋皇陵) Northern Song Dynasty imperial mausoleum is located in Gongyi City, West Village, Zhida, downtown, Huiguo town area, the Nine Emperor, except the emblem, chin two emperor Jin Binglu to die of five outside the city, the remaining seven emperor and Zhao Hongyin ( Zhao Kuangyin's father ) were buried in Gongyi, known as the" seven emperor of eight hills", plus the empresses and the prince, Wang Sun and wilder, Cai Qi, Kou Zhun, Bao Zheng, Zhao Pu, Yangliulang hero 's total nearly 1000 mausoleum.?


Henan Provincial Museum (河南省博物馆), Nongye Road (农业路; Nóngyèlù) (In the north part of the city). This monolithic pyramid-shaped museum is worth a visit. Learn about ancient civilizations in the area, and even see a dinosaur bone or two in the area. The museum is one of the three key museums in China along with one in Beijing. If you are into modern art, this is not the place for you. There is an English audio tour you can rent, and there are cheapish lockers to store your stuff. Come to see old pottery from the Song dynasty, old bells, bronzes, things like that, but anything more recent does not have English captions.

Henan Museum of Science and Technology (河南科技博物馆). Fascinating insight into Chinese children's education. Play on crumbling science exhibits, gawk at the garish space tributes and meet local families.?

Yellow River Museum (黄河博物馆)Located in the City Road No. 4, built in 1955, is based in the Yellow River as the theme of the natural science museum. To build a house for more than forty years, by domestic and foreign audience praise.?


Yellow River Scenic Area (黄河风景区), (Take a bus from Zhengzhou Railway Station). 8AM-6PM. Scenic area consisting of five scenic spots, Five Dragons Peak, Camel Mountain Range, Yueshan Temple, Stone Figures, and the Ancient City of Liubang and Xiangyu. ¥30.

Renmin Park (人民公园; Rénmíngōngyuán), Erqi Road. Has a theme park inside with a quaint Ferris Wheel that is worth riding. ??

Emperor Palace Aka Yunyan temple, located37 kilometers southwest of Zhengzhou City, the eastern city of Xinmi on the northern shore of Lake Wuding, was Xuanyuan Huang Di, a palace Zhudian training military, a study of eight maps place, known as the" human ancestor of the Chinese Shrine"," the best in all the land sector".?


By plane

The airport (CGO) is about 30 km outside of town.?

A public bus runs from the airport to the Aviation Hotel on Jin Shui Road. It costs 25.?

By train

Zhengzhou is China's biggest train hub; you can get here from nearly every major metropolitan area in China. There are several arrivals each day from Beijing (about 6 hours), Guangzhou (about 16 hours; G train for 6 hours and a half), Xi'an (about 5 hours, or 2 hours and 20 minutes by high-speed rail) and Shanghai (about 8 hours). Trains arrive from other places less often.?

There are several types of trains varying in their speed and tickets with different letters.

Train types, code and average speed

  • ?ordinary train 80km/h
  • ?L - temporary train 80km/h
  • ?K - fast train 120km/h
  • ?T - express train 150km/h
  • ?D - bullet train 200km/h
  • ?G - high-speed trian 300km/h

Generally speaking, the faster the train is, the higher its price will be. Among the trains above only No.1, 2, 3 and 4 offer sleepers including hard and soft ones. The soft sleeper is more expensive than the hard one and both contain upper, middle, and lower berth. The price of lower one is higher than the higher one by CNY 10. No.5 and 6 seats fall into business class (if any), state seats, 1st class, 2nd class in which the former price is higher than the latter one by approximately 20%.

Service fee: If you plan to buy your ticket in a ticket agent, you need to pay an extra CNY 5 service fee for each ticket; if you plan to buy a return ticket (whether via the train station or the agent), you need to pay an extra CNY 5 service fee for each ticket.

Ticket agent branch

Location: Southwest corner of Huayuan Road and Fengchan Road intersection?

The intersection of Fengqing Road and Wenlao Road

The intersection of Wenhua Road and Sanquan Road

The intersection of East Hanghai Road and South Jingguang Road

Southwest of Hanghai Road and Zhongzhou Da Dao(South Gate of the Tea Market)

By bus

Across from the train station, you will find a long-distance bus station. Buses arrive regularly from almost anywhere in Henan province. Buses may be less comfortable than the trains, but are cheaper and you do not have to push and shove your way in and out of the train. You are guaranteed a seat but sometimes buses wait to fill up, rather than leaving at a set time, and be aware that long-distance buses may be sleepers rather than seated if the trip is very long.?

Get around

The city's focal point is Erqi Square (二七广场). This large public square comes alive at night, when an entire market fills the space with vendors and locals hanging out. From the square, several main streets fan out to different areas of the city.?

Since Zhengzhou was handpicked to serve as a transportation hub - and does not have a very long history as a large city - the urban planning is more noticeable here than in other places of China. This means there is plenty of green space, tree-lined streets and logical arrangement to the city.?

Zhengzhou is relatively spread out, but most sites are accessible by public bus, which costs ¥1 per ride.Taxi fares begin at ¥8 in the day, and ¥10 late at night, with each kilometer after the second costing ¥1.5. All taxis are metered but sometimes the drivers will try to cheat foreigners. It’s more difficult to get taxis between 6-7pm, as most of drivers are switching shift around that time of day.


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